I’m an associate pastor at Grace Bible Church in Winston Salem, NC. I’ve been married for 14 years and I have five children. My writing here reflects my calling as a husband, father, and pastor.

I initially understood pastoral work to look something like the life of a monk- hidden away for the labors of reading, writing, and preaching. I didn’t quite realize I’d also need to become a generalist, a practitioner of the everyday. Greek grammar and church history would need to be coupled with small talk, prayer, and life together with the congregation.

Pastors are more like shepherds than church CEOs. This blog reflects my effort to become an observer of ordinary life and culture, to bear witness to the spiritual formation of the people of God. Many of us complain today that our mental lives are distracted and shapeless. I’m writing here to pause, to observe, and to pay attention to how we’re making our way through the Babylon that is our American culture.

I’m learning that the pastoral calling is often a haphazard and messy process. Eugene Peterson once shared an anecdote about William Faulkner in his memoir, The Pastor:

William Faulkner was once asked how he went about writing a book. His answer: “It’s like building a chicken coop in a high wind. You grab any board or shingle flying by or loose on the ground and nail it down fast.”

Like becoming a pastor.

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