The Most Powerful Choices

The most powerful choices we will make in our lives are not about specific decisions but about patterns of life: the nudges and disciplines that will shape all our other choices. This is especially true with technology. Technology comes with a powerful set of nudges- the default settings of our “easy-everywhere” culture. Because technology is devoted primarily to making our lives easier, it discourages us from disciplines, especially ones that involve disentangling ourselves from technology itself.

If we want a better life, for ourselves and for our families, we will have to choose it- and the best way to choose it is to nudge and discipline ourselves toward the kind of life we most deeply want.

Andy Crouch, The Tech-Wise Family: Everyday Steps for Putting Technology in Its Proper Place, p. 37

That’s a powerful paragraph. But Crouch is not opposed to all things technological:

Please understand: I’m not saying technology is bad. In fact, I would say it is very good… Technology is the latest, and in many ways most astonishingly good, example of the fruit our image bearing was meant to produce. But technology is only very good if it can help us become the persons we were meant to be.

pages 62-63

Crouch shows refreshing balance here. Technology is not an evil to be avoided but a tool to use for our most important tasks. This is the central challenge of his book. I highly recommend it.

For technology, with all its gifts, poses one of the greatest threats ever conceived by human society to the formation of wise, courageous persons that real family and real community are all about.

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